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Corporate Business Model Innovation - A Look Inside the Program

Henry Chesbrough speaking

Targeting innovation managers, R&D managers and C-level executives, the Corporate Business Model Innovation program at UC Berkeley's Executive Education will inspire you to rethink and reshape your business assumptions and strategies. Join Berkeley-Haas professor and pioneer in the concept of Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough, and lean startup innovator and Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley, Andre Marquis, for this three-day course focused on launching new business model innovations that can capture and drive differentiated competitive value for your company.


Dr. Henry Chesbrough: I got interested in Open Innovation when I was studying how companies were performing their R&D activities and I was noticing that the things our textbooks were saying that they should do weren’t what they were actually doing and when I started to pay closer attention to what they were actually doing particularly the ones that were having tremendous success and even surprising success of this idea of becoming more open became a really key insight.

Companies know that business models are really important to their growth and yet it's not clear in most companies how do you actually innovate your business model, so this idea of how you innovate the business model became really interesting and then about five years ago with this idea of lean start-up, which was kind of a cookbook that overturned decades of entrepreneurial research saying business plans don't make sense for new ventures.

What you need is a disciplined process of testing and experimenting with live prospects that could become your customers. It was revolutionary. And then companies start saying “So how do i put that to work for me?” That's where our Program was born.

One of the wonderful things about this is it isn't specific to a particular industry. Many of the ideas emerged first in the tech sector with these concepts of business models of how to innovate them, how to test and validate them with prospective customers live works in many many areas.

Our attendees are senior executives and very busy people so we cannot and do not just talk at them. Instead, we do a little bit of lecture, we do a lot of small group, coaching and mentoring. We also have them present their thoughts to us and their peers to get feedback and really to help them get ready for when they return to the office and they have a much tougher audience to convince then.

So we mix a variety of instructional methods in the Program. I think we have three things that make our program unique and distinct. 
The first is we’re right here in Silicon Valley and the birthplace of a lot of the thinking that's in this course.
The second is we also do bring in a strong dose of open innovation which is not brought in many of these kinds of programs. And open innovation is both an enabling capability and an accelerating capability that can make things happen faster.
And the third thing is that Berkeley has been doing that lean launchpad training at scale. We've probably trained more teams and more companies and organizations than anybody else in the world.  So when you put those three things together it's pretty special.