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Inside The Women's Executive Leadership Program

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The Women’s Executive Leadership program is for high-potential women seeking new levels of success as team leaders and organizational visionaries. The program is based on a very pressing and timely message: The world needs more women leaders. We will seek to develop women leaders by strengthening their sense of empowerment. By attending this intensive and highly interactive program, women will learn strategies for using power effectively and gain balance to effect change in their personal and professional lives.


Meera Madappa: I work in a male-dominated workplace. I thought this would be the right place for me to go and get equipped with knowledge and tools that would facilitate me to take my career up a notch.

Dr. Ann Torres: I think it’s important to reinvest in my own training and personal development. I’m a graduate of the Haas School so I knew this would be a quality program to help me move into more senior management positions.

Alex Baker: There were a number of areas that I really felt I could build my skills even more and with the reputation that UC Berkeley has, I knew it would be a really great development program.

Dr. Laura Kray: In my experience personally, in the classroom, and in my research, I find that gender makes a really big difference in terms of how leadership plays out. This program is different from other leadership programs out there because it challenges women to question the status quo and to lead through innovation.

Kelly Griswold: One thing I found really valuable was that there was a good mix of tactical things where you could sort of write it down and say “OK, that’s one thing that I can do that’s going to help improve my day-to-day life, my career, my family, how I”m striking the balance of all of these things.” Also it helped me get a little bit more strategic with being a little more purposeful about where am I going and how do I want to get there.

Dr. Laura Kray: The Program is specifically designed to provide intensive feedback and experiential exercises that enable participants to really get a deep understanding of where they are on their leadership journey.

Dr. Ann Torres: They did a great job in terms of moving academic theory into practice and then supporting that theory with experiential exercises so you got to test out those concepts and see how you could actually integrate that into your life today.

Meera Madappa: I knew this was a place where there was a lot of research being done and most of the professors are engaged in active research and what they brought to the table with different speakers really enhanced my knowledge.

Dr. Laura Kray: All of the core faculty in the program are researchers studying really important issues related to leadership such as gender bias, power and influence, emotional intelligence. All of these topics are being taught from leading, cutting edge researchers who also have a deep understanding of the challenges that people are experiencing in practice.

Dr. Ann Torres: Everyone benefits from taking time out and taking that opportunity to reexamine where you are at and how you can progress that bit further for success.

Alex Baker: I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The great quality of the instructors and the number of published authors that came in and the research and the depth of knowledge in the topic. It was just a fantastic experience all around.

Dr. Ann Torres: This program would be excellent for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills and it’s just a great place to be.

Dr. Laura Kray: Leadership is available to all of us and this Program is really designed to strengthen and connect our participants with that sort of inner drive to make the world a better place.

Meera Madappa: Don’t wait, just sign up. If you think that this is something you want to do, especially women who are aspiring to grow in their careers, just go, sign up, and take it. No second thoughts.

Alex Baker: You definitely want to go through this program, it’s life-changing.