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A Look Inside Communications Excellence

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Communications Excellence will guide you on a deeply personal journey and help develop skills you didn’t know you had, so you can shine in public forums and achieve breakthroughs. You will up your game, make personal shifts, and define success strategies uniquely suited to you and your business. You will achieve a blend of the skills, of content, structure, creativity, delivery and personal presence that make your pitch memorable.


Adam Leipzig:  When we're trying to explain what we want, all we want to get to is one word, "Yes". And yes is a powerful word but it's a difficult word to get to. We train executives how to get to "yes" by training them how to use their bodies and their minds and their spirit and the art of argument to promote what they have to say in the most effective way possible.
Penny Kreitzer:  The workshop is designed specifically for corporate executives who are already out there and who are very successful but who want to up their game.
Sarah Manley:  I've taken presentation courses before but what really attracted me to this one was the storytelling aspect.
Matthew Beddall:  The content, of course, goes beyond the basics of public speaking or using PowerPoint,  and really into how to captivate your audience, how to enchant them. That's what we all want to achieve, really.
Li Cui:  Berkeley, obviously, is a highly accredited school and the faculties are among the highest of standards within the industry.
Adam Leipzig:  There's no other program that I'm aware of that has three faculty, like us, who combine actual on-the- ground operational hands-on executive experience with theatrical, dramatic coaching.
Penny Kreitzer:  No matter what happens, you have to know how to show up and choose to be present and focus on the task at hand.
Andrea Ratti:  The highlight for me were the breathing exercises. Really grounding me, I would say, the techniques for grounding myself and preparing myself so that when I am in front of a group, I'm comfortable.
Praveer Chaturvedi:  The things especially that Penny has brought out which are about the posture and the breathing and understanding your audience, making sure that you're reaching out to everyone, it's all been amazing.
Richard Freishtat:  Confidence comes from knowing that you have all the tools and skills, that you've applied them in the right way to know that what you have to say is compelling, persuasive and to know that when you step foot in that room, you're going to get the “yes”.
Li Cui:  I think I learned as much from the student body as I have from the faculty. Here the student obviously comes from a vast of industry backgrounds and they're all very high-profile individuals.
Sarah Manley:  The feedback I received from my peers in the room, the coaching from the instructors really helped me to focus on the areas that I need to work on.
Adam Leipzig: The people who come to this program get genuine results. Not only a sense of self-confidence and increased ability to communicate well but they have an ability to lead better, to inspire their teams in higher ways to greater effectiveness, productivity, and profit. And the difference between who you are on the first day to who you are at the end of the second day is extraordinary.
Matthew Beddall:  For a two-day course I felt like it was really worthwhile.
Andrea Ratti:   It will give you techniques to continue to you know take them outside of the classroom and equip you for rest of your professional and personal career.