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Negotiation and Influence - A Look Inside the Program

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Led by Dr. Holly Schroth, the Negotiation and Influence program is an intensive, interactive three-day course that will help you develop strategies to effectively plan and prepare for negotiations, and show you how to increase your power and influence while maintaining positive relationships. Through a series of challenging, innovative exercises based on today's workplace dynamics you will evaluate your own skills and predispositions, utilize key concepts introduced in the program to hone your performance and gain greater confidence to succeed in the most challenging situations.


Solly Fulp: I was excited to be in an environment at the Haas School of Business where I could learn and be around colleagues that had the same aspirations as I did.

Kristy Donohue: It makes me feel like I can be successful in these situations that I previously found a little bit intimidating.

Tiffany Kanegawa: Not only does it help in the work environment, of course if you are customer-facing or speak with the public but also in your home life. It's going to help you be happier.

Dr. Holly Schroth: In this program I’ll help you identify your specific strengths and areas for improvement as a negotiator.  You'll gain a toolbox of techniques and strategies that will increase your ability to positively influence others and manage conflict.

Kristy Donohue: This gives you an opportunity to interact with people you've never met before different industries, different incentives I think that's a truly dynamic learning experience.

Julie Holmes: One of the great bless them that we've learned that negotiation is really just about problem solving.

Dr. Holly Schroth: The traditional thinking about negotiations is filled with myths. For example, there always seems to be a winner and a loser. That's not true. A good negotiation requires both sides to be satisfied. 

Julie Holmes: Relationships are more critical now than they've ever been with things like social media and the Internet and the way reputation plays such an important role in business. Being able to leverage those relationships and to do everything you can to keep them positive and effective that's what makes the class so valuable.

Dr. Holly Schroth: My PhD is in Social Psychology. That’s the study of social interaction. So the program is not just about negotiation and influence theory  but about the application of social psychology to different negotiation situations. What are these emotional trigger word that can damage your relationship? How can your body language help or hinder your interaction?

Sriram Iyer: All the live case studies that we are doing you know wearing these different hats and practicing the theory makes it really valuable.

Doug Erickson: Holly’s approach to the program i think is excellent. It's it allows us to to learn and then to interact with each other.

Julie Holmes: She's done a great mix of presenting factual information but she's kept it really human so that were all sure to get exactly what we need to take back to our workplaces.

Dr. Holly Schroth: I love this program because I see business leaders walk away with confidence and they're able to negotiate effectively with anyone anywhere but more importantly when I hear back from them they tell me how much of this changed their lives.