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Today’s Leader is the Storyteller-in-Chief. You stand before your colleagues, your board, your investors, with nothing more than your presence, passion, and knowledge. Your leadership brings them to “Yes.”

In Communications Excellence: Presentation Skills to Up Your Leadership Game, you will become that leader. This distinctive executive training experience engages you on a deeply personal journey that develops skills you didn’t know you had, so you can shine in public forums and achieve breakthroughs. You will up your game, make personal shifts, and define success strategies uniquely suited to you and your business. You will achieve a blend of the skills, of content, structure, creativity, delivery and personal presence that make your pitch memorable.
Your Impact Will Match Your Intent
Through this program’s group work and one-on-one coaching, you will learn to:
  • Make internal and external adjustments based on high-level skills you rehearse and practice
  • Be in the moment and ignite your audience
  • Master details effortlessly and be able to explain clearly
Our dynamic faculty offers you their unique, real-world business expertise. Adam Leipzig made 30 movies, working under gigantic corporate pressure with millions of dollars at stake. Penny Kreitzer has coached hundreds of senior executives who have mastered the Krietzer Method, drawn from her skills as an actor. Richard Freishtat trains leaders and educators to have powerful logic and always keep their audiences on the edge of their seats.

Key Takeaways

  • Demonstrate your leadership with power and confidence
  • Engage and influence your audience to achieve your desired results
  • Use your breath, body, and voice for impact and presence
  • Convey your message with authenticity, clarity, and coherence
  • Recognize when something is not working and know instantly how to fix it

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Leadership and High-Potential Executives 
  • Business Development and Marketing Teams
  • Leadership in Nonprofit and Service Organizations
  • Developers and Engineers 
  • Motivated Individuals and Entrepreneurs seeking to develop profound leadership communications skills

Dates and Registration

Fee: $4,000
Program Length: 2 days
Location: Berkeley, California

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Adam Leipzig.png
Program Director
Adam Leipzig
Lecturer, Haas School of Business
Adam Leipzig is an expert at bringing media industry smarts to diverse companies worldwide, and coaching senior executives how to shine in front of their boards, investors, teams, and customers. As...
Program Director
Penny Kreitzer
Adjunct Faculty at Haas School of Business
For the past 30 years, Penelope (Penny) Kreitzer has worked as a communications consultant, executive coach and master voice coach in the corporate, academic and theater/film industries. Ms. Kreitzer...
Program Director
Richard Freishtat
Vice President of Curriculum, Berkeley Executive Education
Dr. Richard Freishtat serves as Vice President of Curriculum at Berkeley Executive Education, where he drives the design and delivery of the range of programs across the Executive Education portfolio...