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13 771 /programs/product-management-studio
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"The program has a great dynamic, the content is for any person who seeks how to really apply innovation into an established company. Everything can be put into practice. It's been amazing."

Production Manager, Rodobens

"The program is really useful for a new product manager like myself. The framework, concepts discussion, hands-on, and simulation in the course are really useful. Moreover, the interaction among participants was great."

Product Manager, Schlumberger

"Worth the investment! I particularly enjoyed being able to interact and learn from other innovative individuals outside (my) industry. The program gives practical assignments that you can use and implement easily in your work."

Emissions Digital Product Manager, Schlumberger

"This program focused on the human aspect of leadership and how important it is to make connections and lead through empathy. The skills I learned, the stories I heard, and the people I grew with during this course will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Engineering Manager, Google

"It’s beyond expectations. It’s not a normal leadership class. It really makes me think how to make an impact and believe I can make an impact."

Senior Principal Architect, Salesforce

"I was unprepared for the experience I was going to have during this program. The energy and knowledge of the teachers were beyond expectations and unmatched by any training I have went through before."

Participant, August 2022

"Come for the storytelling, stay for the coaching! This program will help you get a group excited and marching in the same direction."

Staff Software Engineer, Google

"This was the most welcoming & experiential program I’ve attended. There was never a dull moment, I was always learning and thinking of how soon I can implement what I was learning. The faculty of this program is unparalleled; welcoming, inclusive, positive, and smart!"

Director & Senior Leadership Consultant, FCCS

"The program taught me the skills for developing my team and resolving cross-team trust issues. This is one of the most practical programs I’ve participated in. Brief and to the point."

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google
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