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"The world of work is changing: the future of work is now hybrid, so it is very important to improve your communication skills in person and virtually. This Communication's Excellence training will guide you to communicate your ideas, projects, goals or any topic with your clients, suppliers, managers or even with the people you love in a better way. I started using the things I learned the same week and I know that I will continue to use them because I am seeing how my communication has improved."

Large Enterprise Account Leader, Slack

"It was a life-changing experience for me and, coming from an engineering background, I now have a much broader knowledge about products and their full lifecycle. The program far exceeded my expectations! And it will only improve, as I'm now part of a large PM networking group that will continue to share experiences and exchange ideas. So, it's not just about the program itself, it's also about the life after the program."

Head of Integration, Link Consulting

“I've lost count of how many people I have told about this class. Sara Beckman, Michael Barry and Michelle Jia combined current academic research with real-life client examples in a fun and lively presentation. I loved this class and highly recommend it if you want to learn about understanding your customer's needs even when they don't realize their own needs.”

Principal Finance Consultant, Lau Consulting

"Customer Obsessed Design is an awesome course which opens your eyes to see, hear and feel your customers, so you can really build amazing customer experiences."

Global Practice and Competency Manager, Schlumberger

“The Customer Obsessed Design team’s expertise and enthusiasm shine through! The professors share a clear approach, explain why it works, and then provide the most amazing and concrete examples from their own experience--ranging from new endeavors to large companies learning to re-invigorate their approach to product development. The team was full of energy, making the online experience feel engaging and personal for everyone. I have been inspired to apply what I learned in many areas of my business already.”

Global Digital Commercial Manager, Schlumberger

“I have been interviewing customers for a few years now, first as a UX Designer and now in a more specialized customer research role. This course helped me refine my approach, by applying a thoughtful structure to my customer interviews and informing choices I used to make based on instinct and best guesses. This class was immediately applicable. What I learned in the classroom on Thursday morning I was able to apply later in the afternoon both as a practitioner and as a manager.”

Customer Research, McMaster-Carr

“From the pre-work all the way to the final week, Customer Obsessed Design was the most rewarding and engaging virtual course I have taken. Rich live sessions combined with actionable practice homework as well as amazing additional group sessions meant that you definitely can find the learnings that you seek.”

Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

"Customer Obsessed Design was by far the best virtual class I have taken, and only wished more of my teammates had joined me."

Product Manager, ServiceNow

"Customer Obsessed Design for Product Management has given me a fresh perspective and a new set of tools I can start using in my role as a product manager. In particular, the strong focus on ethnographic interviewing, sensemaking, and customer-centric roadmapping has helped me structure my work moving forward."

Senior Director Identity Product Manager, Salesforce
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