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"It is one of the best courses I have attended (out of 20+) and the closest online course I have attended to my full-time MBA experience. Great work Berkeley! The quality of the course along with the numerous frameworks shared during the program helped me rethink my work and will be very useful in the long run as I am interacting more with PMs for early innovation projects. It is also one of the first online courses I am taking (out of 20+) where the school faculty is engaged on a weekly basis (usually, we only have interactions with TAs)."

Director of Product Marketing, VMware

It surpassed what I was expecting. The level of care and detail in all aspects of the course were really good, and is now helping me in my day-to-day. Even if you're a seasoned negotiator, I promise you'll learn a lot about influencing others and negotiation.

Head of Integration and Cloud, Link Consulting

You will be exposed to insightful content and excellent tools that you can apply and use regularly inside your company. You will enhance the knowledge you already got from your working experience, and you will learn how to articulate and manage products, services, and teams from a more holistic point of view.

Design Director for Latin America, The Cocktail

"The most impressive, life-transforming program I ever attended. The description on the site doesn't even cover 10% of what we get, in knowledge and experience. The program transformed me in more than a few ways, and it made me a better human being, which, I think, it's the biggest compliment I can give it. Maura is just incredible, as well as the rest of the speakers, teachers, leaders that shared their experience and their teachings with us. The connection and experience will continue after the course, with the most amazing cohort I could have imagined."

Head of Integration and Cloud Native Engineering, Link Consulting

“Leadership is critical to the journey we’re on towards becoming a $3B company … it’s great to have a partner like UC Berkeley Exec Ed who supports us along the way.”

Andrea Moore (Lee) on the outcome of the Zendesk Custom Program
Senior Manager, Leadership Development, Talent & Organizational Development COE, Zendesk

“The program gives our leaders truly useful guidance … it stitched together disparate ideas into a leadership framework that is easily leveraged and taught to others. It aligns fully with our core values.”

Fidelma Butler on the outcome of the Zendesk Custom Program
VP, Portfolio Integration and Talent & Organization Development, Zendesk

"The program has absolutely met or even exceeded my expectations. The program is carefully structured to cover all core parts of the VC universe in a step by step way which help a lot to digest as much a possible."

Director of Investments and Innovations, Orange Business Services, Russia

"It gave me some solid, actionable advice on improving my presentations."

Sr. Director of Technical Content, Jumio

"This course provides the exposure and practice needed to be effective in both external negotiations on behalf of your business and for internal negotiations within your company. Robust well-prepared cases to practice using role play. Develops the practical skills needed."

Executive Speaking Coach, The Speaking Clinic
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