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"The class was fun, and the techniques I learned will transform the way I present and pitch my ideas."

Director of Community Engagement, Manos

"Helped me with my confidence in business communication."

Senior Analytics Manager, Salesforce

"This program is great. It will help expand your personal and professional leadership skills. Come open minded."

Principal, Salesforce

"If you are looking to learn true leadership & build better relationships with people for work & personal purposes, sign up for (the) High-Impact Leadership program. It's worth the investment of your time & money."

Program Participant, April 2023

"Through this program, I learned tactically how to enhance my presence in those moments where I previously would have frozen or not known what to do. I expected to learn, but not to take away such specific abilities!"

Senior Strategy Consultant, Southwest Airlines

"VC Executive Course was a great experience and learning opportunity! The program delivered right in the home of startup entrepreneurship and venture capital gives a great 360 degrees perspective on the entire VC environment. The provided knowledge is beyond just theoretical considerations, as it comes directly from highly experienced and successful practitioners. The format has the right structure, being very light on classic lecturing and putting emphasis on discussions and tackling real-life problems. Another great value add are panels with high-class guest speakers. Last, but not least, it is a fantastic networking opportunity with classmates, like-minded great professionals!"

Strategy & Business Development / Corporate Venture Capital Manager, ABB

"The Product Management Studio program provided me with a deep understanding of the product development process, from ideation to launch, and helped me develop the skills needed to engage product teams and bring products to market. The program also emphasized the importance of customer-centricity, which has been invaluable in my work as a product manager."

OSDU Joint Products Manager, SLB

"The program gave me an enormous insightful perspective on how to cultivate leadership while aiming for personal fulfillment and developing a growth mindset. The program was an inspirational journey on leadership and exceeded my expectations."

Advisory Lead - Financial Innovation and Disruption, IFC

"The highlight of the program was interacting and connecting with a group of professional, experienced, and passionate women! We all learned a lot from each other’s experiences and discussion of applying the content in our own work places."

Associate Director CMC Program Management, Regeneron
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