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"As I’ve mentioned, I lead the finance operations for Rahi Systems, and my accounting and finance team comprises 11 employees, 10 of which are women. My team has the most women of any function within the organization. It’s no secret that our industry is male-dominated. I was drawn to a course focused on women in leadership not only for my own development, but also to help the women on my team develop as professionals. The Women’s Executive Leadership program gave me tangible tools and skills that have resulted in noticeable improvements in confidence and performance for me and my team. I could see a noticeable improvement in a recent presentation I gave, and the best part was noticing how confident I appeared being on stage in front of all of those people. That was not how I felt in the past! I have nothing but praises for UC Berkeley and this amazing class.”

Co-Founder & Vice President of Finance, Rahi Systems

“This program was amazing – it was unlike any other for its ability to help me grow as a person. It was less academic and more about learning to be authentic.I am still deeply connected with the women I met. We stay in touch via LinkedIn, and those of us who are local regularly meet for lunch, dinner, and coffee. We’ve stayed in close contact – especially now during the pandemic – often daily, through texting, direct messaging and video get-togethers."

Director – CX Cloud Applications, Oracle Corporation

"The program's roots in science and research made the experience memorable and trustworthy. The presenters, mostly professors, were able to present their research in engaging, narrative, and experiential ways, so the takeaways really stuck. If you are ready to feel more comfortable taking and holding power responsibly, this program will enable you with the tactics and science behind how to do so effectively."

Director of Digital Marketing, Parasoft

"We all think communications is so simple and straightforward. And it can be, if we have the right tools (as taught in this class) and achieve the right outcomes. And this is exactly what this class does. The program empowered me with the right tools to communicate effectively to different audience levels across my organization. The value out of this program will be felt instantly and having these skills will equip anyone for any type of communication with any type of audience."

Director of Enterprise Data Governance, Blue Shield of California

"This course provides the exposure and practice needed to be effective in both external negotiations on behalf of your business and for internal negotiations within your company. Robust well prepared cases to practice using role play. Develops the practical skills needed."

Executive Speaking Coach, The Speaking Clinic

"Glad to share this amazing experience with anyone eager to learn more about Data Science and Machine Learning. This Executive Program is an agile learning experience, seeking a truly rigorous, hands-on experience with modern data analysis methods.

The program also provides a good introduction to Python, in order to support data analysis using JupyterNotebook, an interactive open-source platform used for computational analysis and a review of basic mathematical and statistical concepts."

Chief Technology, Innovation, and Business Development Officer, Duratex

"I enjoyed being introduced to so many different platforms. The information about blockchain, and the parts on Data Analysis and reading Financial Statements have been useful."

Conversion Case Supervisor & Account Manager, SelectQuote Insurance Services

"The experience has been invaluable. My understanding of the Fintech world has expanded exponentially. I'm catching on to the language of this discourse and I will become fluent. I've attentively viewed, multiple times, the materials presented, and have been led to connect with some fascinating articles and valuable web content on the subject of Fintech. This course is a treasure."

National Sales Director, Travelling Teams

"Very happy to complete the Fintech course: Frameworks, Applications, and Strategies. Great learning about the opportunities and challenges presented by the financial industry and about Frameworks and practical tools to evaluate and carry out projects within the Fintech sector. Thank you very much to the amazing faculty team, especially Yaniv Konchitchki and Stephanie Pitts."

Private Equity Executive, Inverlat Investments
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