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"Just completed a great learning experience with UC Berkeley Executive Education on Data Science. Hands-on, challenging online course over 10 weeks on working effectively with and in data science and analytics teams to drive business decisions and successful outcomes. Enjoyed taking a deep dive into the techniques for deriving meaningful insights, getting dirty on the data in case studies from different industries, and reflecting on how to create a data-driven culture. Many thanks to Professors Steve Tadelis and Shachar Kariv, their team and all the virtual classmates from around the world!"

Senior Managing Consultant, IBM iX

"I learned a lot about the latest techniques associated with the product management role. I realized that many of the things I was following as good practices are now obsolete due to the digital transformation."

Head of Product - Process Simulation, Schlumberger

"This is one of the most eye-opening programs from Berkeley. A structured insight analysis and framework showing how companies can adopt open innovations from outside-in and export innovations from inside-out. The program is not only informative and practical but leaves many follow on tasks for execution."

Co-Founder & CEO, Twiage

"It’s been a year since I completed the BPDSA program and my team has accomplished a lot with the knowledge and skills that I learned from the program. When I was assigned to handle the quantitative team of the bank’s Risk Management Group, three years ago, I was really at a loss. Coming from Treasury business, modeling is like riding a bike again for the first time after a long time...The lectures taught me a lot of basics that me and my team do not know. As basic as dividing your data into train, test, and validation... I can go on and on, as we also did a lot of analyses using the knowledge I got from the lectures. The influence that the program did to our methodologies is so huge that I really want to thank Berkeley Haas, for giving me such a strong foundation on managing a quantitative team... Oh and how could I forget to mention, my team now are all using python! I converted the notebooks of Keeley to pandas and shared it with them, now we are developing our models using R and python. I can say that the entire risk management group is already data driven. Maybe my proudest achievement is converting how the Operational Risk team think about data. From a very qualitative way of setting limits and measurement of risks, now they are already data driven. You are really right, it is a LEADERSHIP thing, I convinced the heads and now simulations and correlations became household terms in their shop."

Head of Enterprise Risk and Strategic Support Division, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company

"I took the Data Science Bridging Principles and Practice course this summer. It was very interesting and useful. Using the tools taught in the course I was able to perform a multivariate regression analysis on one of our more challenging business problems. It pointed me to the likely underlying cause of the problem. Based on those results I wrote a report out of our business system to look for examples I could use to make the issue concrete to others in the company and direct us to solutions. It took me in a direction not previously considered significant and is proving to be very significant. Data is such a wonderful thing! It has been a huge success that will continue to pay dividends for the next several years.

Director Field Operations, Wilbur-Eliis

“Amazing experience; expected high-quality instruction and challenge but did not expect the personal transformation and growth. Great balance between skill development, personal reflections and growth, and community building - all valuable individually and collectively, priceless. Amazed at what you all pulled off with Zoom - seamless - kudos to the tech/logistics team!”

Participant, ECI Online Cohort

"Go for it! I would encourage new VC’s and founders that this will be invaluable to you and your business. I feel ready to take on the world."

Managing Partner, Silicon Hills Capital

"The (online) program allowed me to interact with a world-wide class, which was interesting to see the different perspectives. In a sense, the online course REDUCED anxiety as the pressures to arrive on-time, navigate traffic, find parking, etc. was eliminated. I am much more likley to take on-line courses in the future because of this... Perhaps the biggest thing that I learned is that we all have the ability to be great leaders, but it requires continuous focus and work to develop, hone, and refine skills."

Project Manager, CPM Associates

"I have already suggested my colleagues to take this program. The discipline that I gained during the (online) program was so effective that I observed the change in my presentation during those 3 days."

NESAP Postdoctoral Research Fellow, LBNL
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