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"Highly recommend! (You) will learn a lot to assist in PM & PMM work. I learned a lot and I'm able to apply it my day-to day work responsibilities."

Product Marketing Manager, Sage Intacct

"This program exceeded my expectations. I was really really happy with it --- I learned a lot from the onset. The class allowed me to articulate my ideas. There is a lot of pitching in my job, and the storytelling framework was really valuable for me as someone working in a big enterprise."

Innovation Lead, Vanguard

"I still keep in touch with the people I met in this session! I’ve built relationships with others in the course, and I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity to meet them if I hadn't taken Product Management Studio."

Consultant, Stonybrook Consulting

"There's no question in my mind about the value of this program. The insight and understanding I received as a result of attending and engaging will more than pay for itself in my daily office activities. I expect this to appear in the form of process improvements, time-value allocation and better customer understanding."

Product Manager, ConnectWise

"You learn a lot from yourself, and the course makes you change your perspective in many things of your professional and even personal life. The faculty, under de direction of Prof. Rittenberg, is really impressive." 

Partner, Maurilia Consulting

"Seeing my co-worker blossom was also very moving. To be able to support each other after this course helps solidify our learning tremendously."

Prinicipal Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce

"I learned a lot about how to build trust and manage up, manage down and manage sideways.  As a consultant who works with clients for most of their job, these are exactly the skills I need... The things you learn can be taken back to your job and applied immediately."

Director of Engineering, Carbon Five

"The program exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The interactive program, which included lectures, group exercises, and panel discussions, created the opportunity to learn a lot. Furthermore, the program provided exclusive networking opportunities with venture capital investors and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, lawyers, financial advisors, and senior executives from various large corporates."

Program Director Oncology, Philips

"If you are new to a management position or on the verge of becoming a manager I would highly recommend the program. You will get a broad overview of current research, methods and best practices to improve and reflect on your current management style."

Senior Software Engineer, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America
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