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“I have been interviewing customers for a few years now, first as a UX Designer and now in a more specialized customer research role. This course helped me refine my approach, by applying a thoughtful structure to my customer interviews and informing choices I used to make based on instinct and best guesses. This class was immediately applicable. What I learned in the classroom on Thursday morning I was able to apply later in the afternoon both as a practitioner and as a manager.”

Customer Research, McMaster-Carr

“From the pre-work all the way to the final week, Customer Obsessed Design was the most rewarding and engaging virtual course I have taken. Rich live sessions combined with actionable practice homework as well as amazing additional group sessions meant that you definitely can find the learnings that you seek.”

Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

"Customer Obsessed Design was by far the best virtual class I have taken, and only wished more of my teammates had joined me."

Product Manager, ServiceNow

"Customer Obsessed Design for Product Management has given me a fresh perspective and a new set of tools I can start using in my role as a product manager. In particular, the strong focus on ethnographic interviewing, sensemaking, and customer-centric roadmapping has helped me structure my work moving forward."

Senior Director Identity Product Manager, Salesforce

"It’s not just the interactions in the classrooms where you break out into projects or certain assignments, but also the interaction outside of the coaching sessions of the programs. We’ve had networking sessions, we have social media groups that we are a part of, we talk often outside the class as well. We share ideas, we share feedback and day-to-day challenges. It has been a pretty good way to connect to classmates."

Supply Chain Management, Lam Research Corporation

"I was a little hesitant since I thought it was going to be fast-paced and not very interactive. I’ve had previous experiences and the in-person experiences always connected people and were interactive. Initially, I thought I wouldn’t be able to experience this with an online platform. But the UC Berkeley online platform is so real that you don’t feel like you’re in a virtual setup. There are online discussions going on while the professor is teaching, the students are asking questions and answering themselves, and that has been a great learning experience. I have taken away much more from the online program than I expected."

Supply Chain Management, Lam Research Corporation

"The benefit of this online program is that you get attendees from all over the world. People are attending from Asia and Europe, you do not have the constraint of location anymore. What that does is that it makes the program global. I’m able to interact with people from Asia and how they’re finding a solution for a particular problem and compare it to the USA. The diversity is certainly there - not all the people are from the same background. You get different perspectives, different cultural perspectives, different professional experiences. This has been tremendous and the return on investment has been wonderful."

Supply Chain Management, Lam Research Corporation

"As I’ve mentioned, I lead the finance operations for Rahi Systems, and my accounting and finance team comprises 11 employees, 10 of which are women. My team has the most women of any function within the organization. It’s no secret that our industry is male-dominated. I was drawn to a course focused on women in leadership not only for my own development, but also to help the women on my team develop as professionals. The Women’s Executive Leadership program gave me tangible tools and skills that have resulted in noticeable improvements in confidence and performance for me and my team. I could see a noticeable improvement in a recent presentation I gave, and the best part was noticing how confident I appeared being on stage in front of all of those people. That was not how I felt in the past! I have nothing but praises for UC Berkeley and this amazing class.”

Co-Founder & Vice President of Finance, Rahi Systems

“This program was amazing – it was unlike any other for its ability to help me grow as a person. It was less academic and more about learning to be authentic.I am still deeply connected with the women I met. We stay in touch via LinkedIn, and those of us who are local regularly meet for lunch, dinner, and coffee. We’ve stayed in close contact – especially now during the pandemic – often daily, through texting, direct messaging and video get-togethers."

Director – CX Cloud Applications, Oracle Corporation
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