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13 670 /programs/digital-transformation-strategy
340 25 /strategy/competitive
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340 34 /programs/open-innovation
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"The program exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The interactive program, which included lectures, group exercises, and panel discussions, created the opportunity to learn a lot. Furthermore, the program provided exclusive networking opportunities with venture capital investors and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, lawyers, financial advisors, and senior executives from various large corporates."

Program Director Oncology, Philips

"If you are new to a management position or on the verge of becoming a manager I would highly recommend the program. You will get a broad overview of current research, methods and best practices to improve and reflect on your current management style."

Senior Software Engineer, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

"If you still believe that technology innovation is leading, its time to attend Business Model Innovation and get the best perspective on how to create the highest likelihood of success."


"It's not only about concepts and methods, you learn directly from reality with relevant people working in the richest VC ecosystem in the world."

Partner, Maurilia Consulting

"After this program you will be able to understand how digital enables your business strategy and customer journey, in order to think "out of the box" and design more effective customer experiencies."

Human Resources Manager, Banco Pichincha (Peru)

"It doesn't matter whether you have almost no knowledge of financial analysis or have a degree of familiarity this program is well paced and will provide a great refresh and some different ways of thinking about financial data."

Investment Director of North America, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

"The short formulas I learned In the Financial Data Analysis for Leaders program enable me to take complex financial concepts and communicate them in a stripped-down, simple fashion for the lay person. I will continue to use this method throughout my career."

Co-Founder & Vice President of Finance, Rahi Systems
Co-Founder & Vice President of Finance, Rahi Systems

"Over the past 5 years, we have sent many of our new leaders to this program. One of its main advantages over other similar programs is the fact that it is designed for recently promoted engineers and technologists...This program covers all basic skills a new manager will need to be successful. It is a great start for any new leader."

Director of Learning and Development, OSISoft

"Communications Excellence was a great way to find both my voice and the intent behind my voice."

Senior Product Manager, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
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