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"The BEPM experience throws open opportunities to learn and re-learn contemporary key concepts in this ever-changing business environment. Peer learning and (the) capstone project are the key takeaways of the program. Interaction with Berkeley Haas faculty and being a part of Berkeley's culture and alumni network proved to be the icing on the cake. All the best to the future BEPM aspirants and make the most of the program by actively participating in all the discussions and sessions!"

BEPM Participant April 2022

"The New Manager Boot Camp was an extraordinary experience. I gained valuable adaptive and leadership skills that will help me become a successful leader!"

Staff Quality Engineer, Rani Therapeutics

"Before taking this program, I would have frequent troubles talking to my teammates and end up using coercive manners to get them to do things my way. This program definitely allowed me to not only reflect on how to influence and create safe environment, but also give concrete action plans to execute them. Thank you so much for this program, it's so awesome!"

Staff Software Engineer, eBay

"Informative, broad, and practical. Strongly recommended for new and not so new managers."

Multiphysics Simulation Engineer, META

"I joined this program expecting that I will gain a deep understanding of Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Trending Technologies, Leadership, etc. What I got is much more than that. I learned about all of them from the lectures (and) peers. The peer to peer learning has been very helpful and meaningful. Topics covered are very relevant for one to become a leader."

BEPM Participant, May 2022

"This program is an ideal program for the executives who are trying to elevate themselves to the C Level."

BEPM Participant, May 2022

"Simply amazing and mind-blowing sessions .. so many things to improvise in self and sharpen for future. Loved each and every session."

BEPM Participant, May 2022

"The program packs a lot of useful business concepts and opens up avenues that you didn't know existed for yourself. I've been a marketer throughout my career and this program gave me perspectives on business strategy, finance, equity funding, and more. The content and time commitment ask is just right for senior working professionals."

BEPM Participant, May 2022

"I loved it. I wish I would have taken it early in my career. It has made a great impact on me and will continue to influence my action."

BEPM Participant, May 2022
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