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408 Results

"One of the most intensive and exciting learning experiences that I had for a very long time!"

Senior Consultant, Hitachi Energy

"My experience at Berkeley was excellent. The Professors were very the skilled and passionate about their subjects. I’m happy I invested in myself."

Partner, PwC

"I have been able to bring a lot of learning back to my professional work."

Director of Analytics, University of Southern Denmark

"I took this course to gain a better understanding of financial metrics and how companies utilize them. The course more than delivered on my expectations and was a valuable professional development experience. I would highly recommend this program to others without financial backgrounds."

Senior Consultant, Meridian Compensation Partners

"The program was thoughtfully crafted to lead us out of our comfort zones and work on hard topics in sharing emotions, stage presence, and connecting to our authentic selves."

COO, DKS Associates

"I thought the program was excellent, especially for encouraging reflection, critical thinking, and providing valuable tools on how to be an agent of change and make a meaningful difference in people's work and lives. I highly recommend this program."

Director of Software Development, Instituto de Pesquisas ELDORADO

"Changemaker has equipped me with new tools and motivation to be an inclusive and empathic leader, innovative collaborator, and storyteller of data with soul!"

Principal, DKS Associates

"The professors involved in the change maker program are so passionate about their topics and are so convincing in their presentation, that it requires genuine restraint to not want to run back to my office and start making positive changes right away!"

Project Director, Lawrence Berkley National Lab

"The teachers, without a doubt, are the highlight of the program. They truly want you to improve your skills and educate. They’re willing (to)engage you as individuals and a collective. Even as a decent public speaker I was impressed with how little I knew and will use their education for the rest of my life. If you’re considering this program, free your mind, save yourself some time, and just buy. You’ll be happy you did!"

Airside Operations Manager, San Francisco International Airport

"I’m so happy I made the decision to try this class. I feel like I am rediscovering my voice."

Program Participant, May 2024

"This was unlike any communication or executive presence course I’ve taken before. I’ve become more self-aware and developed tangible tools and skills I can employ right away."

Staff VP Portfolio Planning and Execution, Elevance Health

"The highlight of this program was learning about how much my physical body impacts my ability to speak and how to manage presentation anxiety, can’t wait to stick out my tongue and manage those emotions better!"

Chief Academic Technology Officer, UC Berkeley