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Certificate of Business Excellence: A Path to Achievement

headshot of Vincent Liu

In 2019 with the passing of Vincent Liu’s father, he asked himself, “Am I spending my time wisely? Is what I am doing professionally worthwhile or impactful?”

That question led Vincent to UC Executive Education, and the launch of his Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE) journey in 2019. Today, he credits the completion of his COBE to start the next chapter of his professional life by becoming co-founder of MQ Solutions in Shanghai, China, aiming to support projects involving environmental, social and governance (ESG). Currently, he is working on an education project and a raw material project.

Vincent has spent most of his professional life with consumer electronics, mainly focused on product, user experience and strategy. “Product and service is about solving pain points,” he explains. “Creating solutions to real problems is innovation in action and that to me is value creation.”

Vincent says the Artificial Intelligence program was especially useful in helping him realize the potential and possibility of the future, and to think of ways that one day AI can benefit people. “It opened my eyes. I now think about AI as a tool, and how humans should use tools, not be a tool.” He says taking the course has better prepared him to engage with and interview companies in the AI space. “Taking the course made it possible for me to talk with leaders at a company focused on a 3D modeling concept. I have knowledge about evaluating and analyzing new projects. I know how to have those conversations.” 

Most Useful Learning?

“The most useful thing I learned through my COBE journey is to do something impactful and be authentic, that means being true to one’s values.”  

Overall Experience and Key Takeaway?

Vincent said he felt like this is where he belonged. “I was never, ever made to feel like I didn’t fit in, or that I couldn’t contribute. I’m a business guy, and some of the technical aspects were a bit over my skill level at times. But in the programs and workshops, we always figured out where each other’s strengths were, and capitalized on that. Everyone had an important role, and each of us benefited the team as a whole.”  

Vincent also shared that what surprised him the most was the quality and caliber – and unique backgrounds – of the UC Executive Education professors. He said with each program, he became more and more inspired by what they offered, and how they made him feel. He realized he could make impact and do meaningful work. “I was just so inspired!” he says.

COBE Energized Vincent to Launch a New Company

By the time Vincent completed his COBE program in February 2022, he was ready to take a leap toward his vision. “The quality of the programs and the energy of the classmates and professors were infectious. Everyone was ambitious, and it motivated me to move forward on launching a new venture.” He credits his COBE experience for the beginning of his next professional chapter.

Vincent’s COBE Journey: