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Faculty Perspective

An Interview with Panos N. Patatoukas

Panos teaching

We recently spoke with Professor Panos N. Patatoukas about his new program, Financial Analysis for Leaders. Dr. Patatoukas discussed the program’s framework and benefits as well as how the program aligns with Berkeley-Haas’ Defining Principles.


What are you most excited about sharing in this program? Is it a philosophy, a framework, pragmatic tools, an approach to understanding financials?

Panos Patatoukas: 

I am very excited about sharing my passion for financial information analysis. Through informed financial analysis, leaders can make better investment decisions and promote value creation within their organization. The philosophy underlying my program on “Financial Acumen for Leaders” is from “analysis to synthesis” and from “theory to practice.”


Who do you think would benefit from taking this program?

Panos Patatoukas

All leaders, regardless of their background and area of focus, can benefit in their decision-making from well-informed financial information analysis. The objective is to help leaders be more effective and add more value to their organization.


What are the key takeaways from this program?

Panos Patatoukas

  • Identify the key drivers of value creation in your organization
  • Learn how to add value through financial engineering
  • Understand the building blocks of corporate financial reporting
  • Understand how the financial statements relate to each other
  • Learn how to analyze and interpret financial statements
  • Use financial information for operational and strategic decision making
  • Understand how to incentivize and measure business-unit performance


What are the key components you have designed for this program? What practical frameworks or tools will executives get who attend this program?

Panos Patatoukas

Financial Acumen for Leaders is designed to provide participants with the foundational knowledge of finance and accounting.  The program demystifies core concepts, clarifies financial frameworks, and helps participants unlock the power of financial information analysis through hands-on practice. A distinctive feature of the program is a capstone, real-time project, which builds on all the concepts taught in the program.


How does the program relate to the Berkeley-Haas defining principles?

Panos Patatoukas

The program will allow participants to “question the status quo” of their organization and identify opportunities for value creation using financial information analysis.

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