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Dr. Kurt Beyer: Innovation in Dubai and UAE

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Dr. Kurt Beyer is a Lecturer at the UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business and Faculty Director of several custom programs at Berkeley Executive Education. Professor Beyer recently led a custom-designed program in partnership with the government of United Arab Emirates.

The government of the UAE created a National Innovation Strategy to stimulate innovation in seven sectors where innovation is key to excellence. UC Berkeley Executive Education partnered with the Prime Minister’s office to work with over 80 leaders and bring innovation into the government entities.  Over two days the leaders focused on hands-on, experiential activities designed to gain new tools and insights to implement and scale innovation in their organizations.


Kurt Beyer: I'm Dr. Kurt Beyer from the University of California, Berkeley and I'm here in the UAE and Dubai working with Government Innovation and over the next days we'll be discussing the secrets of the San Francisco Bay innovation ecosystem, what the parts of that ecosystem are, and then how some of those parts can maybe be moved over here to the UAE.