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Look Inside the New Manager Boot Camp Executive Program


New Manager Boot Camp is designed to prepare you for your new management role. Led by Dr. Homa Bahrami, this course is structured specifically for recently promoted engineers, scientists or others in high tech, course topics include: Understanding Your Challenges as a New Manager, Knowing Your Leadership Style, Leading Through Rapport, Creating Dynamic Teams, and Managing Your Team, Influencing Direct Reports Working Effectively in Geo-distributed Teams


Dr. Bahrami: My name is Homa Bahrami. I’m a member of the Organizational Behavior faculty here at Haas. I teach courses on Organizational Design and Global Teams with a specific focus on knowledge-intensive industries.

The New Manager Boot Camp came about when my former students said there was a real need in the high-tech world for a course like the Boot Camp that addresses people, management, leadership issues with a specific focus on technical professionals.

One of the key things that we pride ourselves on in the Boot Camp is it’s not only based on rigorous research but it is extremely practical and hand-on. And for every session we teach, we have a set of tools and practice opportunities that enable the participants to take the ideas and apply them to real world situations. 

The benefits of the New Manager Boot Camp are really three-fold: Number one, we focus on very targeted, specific challenges that face engineers and scientists. Secondly, we root everything we teach in rigorous research but make it extremely practical and applied. And then thirdly, you get to learn from your own reflections and conversations with your colleagues as well as learnings, not just from research, but our invited guests who bring in front-line perspectives.

This program is different from other types of programs that are designed for first-time managers because it is not generic. It is very targeted and very specific to engineers, scientists, technical professionals. Because we’ve done a lot of research, we’ve identified specific challenges that face this group of professionals which may not face other first-time managers in other conventional, traditional industries.

The leader of the future has to navigate through many, many changes and uncertainties and as a result of that, they need to be able to wear multiple hats.

You get to know about leading edge ideas but at the same time, you adapt and customize it to address the unique needs and culture of your own organization.

We’re living in a new world. Technology has transformed the way we operate, we’re in an interconnected global economy, we have a new generation of millennials, so we’re really dealing with a new reality in business needs.

The biggest challenges that large companies that I come across face have to do with reinvention. How do you reinvent your organizational structure, your leadership practices, your business strategy to thrive in a fluid, dynamic world?