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On the job and in our personal lives, solid negotiation skills are key to our success.  Negotiation is both an art and a strategic process that involves building trust and developing relationships, as well as influencing and shaping behaviors that result in mutually satisfying agreements for all.

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The Negotiation and Influence program is an intensive, interactive three-day program that will help you develop strategies to effectively plan and prepare for negotiations, and show you how to increase your power and influence while maintaining positive relationships. Through a series of challenging, innovative exercises based on today's workplace dynamics you will evaluate your own skills and predispositions, utilize key concepts introduced in the program to hone your performance and gain greater confidence to succeed in the most challenging situations.

Led by award-winning Haas Lecturer and Social Psychologist, Holly Schroth, Negotiation and Influence focuses on learning by doing.  Participants will walk-away with useful strategies that can immediately be incorporated into their job performance and everyday life.

Learn How To:

  • Successfully plan for, initiate and conclude negotiations to maximize value for both parties
  • Avoid language irritators, engage in problem-solving conversations and manage conflict
  • Use social psychological tools to build trust, strengthen relationships and manage emotions
  • Manage complex team dynamics and utilize the skills needed to negotiate within and between teams
  • Adopt non-verbal communication strategies that project confidence and promote cooperation
  • “Shadow negotiate” (negotiate behind the scenes) to gain buy-in and build collaboration
  • Navigate the intricacies of negotiating with people from different cultures and backgrounds

The ability to negotiate and influence others is not limited to our professional lives. This program is invaluable for anyone that wants to resolve conflict and reach agreements in any aspect of their lives.

Come prepared to build greater confidence in your ability to negotiate, influence and develop long-term, highly productive relationships, whether at work or at home!

Key Takeaways

  • Fundamental concepts to use in every negotiation and how to prepare
  • Why you should work towards integrative (value-based) agreements
  • How to manage a multi-issue negotiation
  • To recognize the importance of observation and the social psychology behind effective negotiation
  • How to manage conflict and perceived power differences
  • How to facilitate and manage the entire negotiation process

Who Should Attend

Professionals who need to influence others, including those in:

  • Product management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Procurement managers and executives

Dates and Registration

Fee: $5,040
Program Length: 3 days
Location: Berkeley, California

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Ally DeArman


Program Director
Holly Schroth
Distinguished Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer (Continuing), Haas School of Business
Holly Schroth is a Distinguished Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.She teaches Negotiations and Conflict...