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"Some other aspects of the program that I found really meaningful - I love the way that you structured the program from angel investors on Monday through institutional investors on Friday, and covered the spectrum in between. I have a much stronger grasp of the roles of VC at each stage, and can better understand where I personally can add value (early, at pivots, and at points of capital injection - ie through growth and change management processes). That really boosts my confidence."

Principal, REDF

"I appreciate that you brought in a range of expertise that included investors in hard tech, climate tech, and impact. It was interesting to hear that their approach really wasn’t unique to their area of focus, but that their area of focus was determined by where they had the most opportunity to add value for the entrepreneurs. It was such a special opportunity to expand our networks in these panels."

Principal, REDF

"The highlight of the Venture Capital Program for me was the passion of the instructors. Jerry and Sean clearly had a lot of experience and insights to share with the class and I could tell they enjoy what they do! The support was excellent, and the experience was first-class!"

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

"For someone who is not from the product space and is looking to make a change, this program gives a deep insight into the basics of product management and also covers topics on pricing, portfolio management, and product strategy. It is packed with discussions, assignments, and simulations to help guide an individual into the product space. It not only covers the topics as an overview but allows you to get back to them during this program to reflect on your learnings. It is structured well from week 1 and keeps you hooked till the very end. I highly recommend this course."

Software Engineer, Cisco Meraki

"Berkeley Changemaker far exceeded my expectations and enlightened me on the foundational elements I need to effectuate meaningful and socially responsible change."

Deputy Chief Information Officer, County of Los Angeles

"This is a great course not only for someone who is a PM but also for PM-adjacent roles who need to work with multiple stakeholders across the company including internal customers. The best part is the comprehensiveness of the course which provides strategies and frameworks that one could use at any point in their career and that is my biggest takeaway from this course."

Technical Program Manager, Roblox

"Whether you are considering a career in venture capital or entrepreneurship, you need a program like this to educate yourself about the role all parties play in creating value, generating wealth, or changing the world."

CEO, GoodFences

"I really loved the balance of the teaching & learning of practical concepts with the quality of the conversations and reflections by the students in the room. The senior leaders who showed up and shared their experiences were incredible."

Executive Director DAR, Berkeley Haas

"A must for anyone looking to level-up their leadership skills. One of the first lessons is that leaders are not born but made. From that point forward, students are taken on a journey of profound self-discovery and learning that is both relevant to our changing world and a primer in the perspective and skill set leaders must possess to distinguish themselves and to set and achieve strategic goals. The process is deep and thought-provoking, and the takeaways are practical and immediately implementable."

Chief Communications Officer, Central Coast Community Energy

"This program allowed me to find my own confidence and voice through unique experiences that challenged my assumptions and biases. I feel like I’ve awakened into new a realm of new possibilities with a stronger sense of how to affect change."

Senior Manager, Foundation Engineering, Fastly

"The diversity of the faculty and the dedication they showed to their students was outstanding. I didn’t imagine to walk out of the room each day feeling grateful to share time with them. The course is highly interactive with a focus on practice over theory, (which) is really important while you learn about communication, coaching, and leading teams."

Program Participant, October 2023

"The program is essential for those who want to lead."

Sr. Forecasting and Analytics Manager, Clover Sonoma