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"I am coming away from it with so much energy. It is exactly what I needed!"

Program Participant, October 2022

"This was a very transformational experience. This program is perfect for someone that's traditionally focused on operational excellence but trying to understand what leadership really means. Go in person, saturate yourself in the material, and be there with your whole self."

VP of Engineering, Wolfe LLC

"This has been an extremely useful course - abounding with tools and techniques presented by world-leading experts."

Program Participant, October 2022

"I was blown away by the quality of the teachers. Not only they had incredible credentials, but they also created a safe environment for all students to share personal and vulnerable stories."

VP of Developer Experience, WorkOS

"This program sums up, in a nutshell, the main ingredients to being an outstanding leader. It’s up to us how much to use from each of those ingredients and when!"

Chief Development Officer, Junior Achievement

"This is as much a leadership launch program as a leadership development program. Regardless of your level or industry, this course will give you what you need to launch to the next level."

Chief Product Officer, Radiant Logic

"The highlight of this program was learning that many of us are experiencing the same leadership challenges, and throughout the week, we were bonded together through an intense curriculum and mentorship from professors and peer coaches."

Senior Director of Communications, Center for Environmental Health

"The BEXL program was one of the best experiences I've had in my professional career. The talent and experience of the presenters is unparalleled. Most importantly, the focus is on real techniques that are backed by research and real-life experiences."

Chief Financial Officer, Community Health Partners

"I was able to take away a great deal of new learnings from this. Helped me to re-think what leadership means (cold, analytical vs. emotionally intelligent leader)"

Director of Product/Platform Integration, Philips
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