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13 670 /programs/digital-transformation-strategy
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"It doesn't matter whether you have almost no knowledge of financial analysis or have a degree of familiarity this program is well paced and will provide a great refresh and some different ways of thinking about financial data."

Investment Director of North America, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

"The short formulas I learned In the Financial Data Analysis for Leaders program enable me to take complex financial concepts and communicate them in a stripped-down, simple fashion for the lay person. I will continue to use this method throughout my career."

Co-Founder & Vice President of Finance, Rahi Systems
Co-Founder & Vice President of Finance, Rahi Systems

"Over the past 5 years, we have sent many of our new leaders to this program. One of its main advantages over other similar programs is the fact that it is designed for recently promoted engineers and technologists...This program covers all basic skills a new manager will need to be successful. It is a great start for any new leader."

Director of Learning and Development, OSISoft

"Communications Excellence was a great way to find both my voice and the intent behind my voice."

Senior Product Manager, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

"After taking Financial Data Analysis for Leaders, I immediately started doing corporate financial analysis for an investment bank. The knowledge I gained in the program was something I was able to apply right away. Being an experiential learner, I like to learn something in a short period of time and then apply it immediately. My goal was always to take very key practical things I learned in the different programs and implement the information immediately at work."

Venture Partner, Movens Capital

Working with UC Berkeley Executive Education has resulted in noticeable improvements in cross-functional communication. The tools they have supplied us with have allowed for individuals and teams to tackle complex challenges with swift and reliable outcomes. Teams are engaged, motivated and energized. I would recommend UC Berkeley Executive Education to any individual or company that is striving to improve, you will not be disappointed in the outcome. Read more.

Co-Founder and CEO, Rahi Systems

"The program exceeded my expectations. It built on my pre-existing knowledge and gave me a detailed understanding of how VC funds are structured, how investment decisions are made, and ultimately how deals are structured. The delegates' wide mix of backgrounds ensured rich discussions, both in the formal case study work and the more social interactions."

VP Venture & Financial Alliances, ICON Clinical Research

"If you want to be challenged by colleagues from the industry and dare to bring yourself to the next level of knowledge and skills, I found Berkeley the place to be! The amount of strategic and practical new insights was mind-boggling. The data-driven approach to product in combination with the qualitative techniques has helped me a lot in bringing my applicable knowledge to the next level"

Interim Executive and NED, VGRIP

"Yes, it did, I am very proud that I attended such a successful program at UC Berkeley Executive Education. And I am excited at the thought of what I can achieve at my work after attending this excellent program.
It was a gratifying honor to attend with Dr. Mark Rittenberg, Doy Charnsupharindr, Susan Houlihan and Ariela Morgenstern who contributed to the success of the program. This is an excellent program to help you through your journey to becoming a true leader."

Director at the Office of VP for Management & Transformation, The American University in Cairo
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