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"A safe space to grow outside your comfort zone and really stretch your executive presence and build confidence in your ability to motivate, win hearts and minds, and deliver an exceptional message."

Vice President, Baker Hughes

"After taking the course, I felt that I had gained a strong knowledge of product management, being able to use different frameworks and tools, and leading my team to build the best products that customers will love."

Head of IT Service Desk, Itaú Unibanco

"Great class for people working in large cooperations to understand ways how to manage disruptive innovation inside your company."

VP of Advanced NAND Technology, Micron Technology

"I received valuable techniques I can implement at work right away. In fact, there are so many things I want to incorporate that I have to prioritize what to start with. This course is like 10 different courses packed in one. Therefore, absolutely worth the money. It will take some time for me to reflect on the material and learnings as it was so much. The different blocks are very unique and tangible."

Director Market Intelligence, Riverty

"The highlight of the program was interacting and connecting with a group of professional, experienced, and passionate women! We all learned a lot from each other’s experiences and discussion of applying the content in our own work places."

Associate Director CMC Program Management, Regeneron

"The program gave me an enormous insightful perspective on how to cultivate leadership while aiming for personal fulfillment and developing a growth mindset. The program was an inspirational journey on leadership and exceeded my expectations."

Advisory Lead - Financial Innovation and Disruption, IFC

“Communications Excellence provides a thoughtful curriculum that provides practical tools and experienced faculty. I feel more confident and like I have a strong foundation to continue improving my communication content and delivery."

Social Impact Consultant, Tides

"Embracing the experience of my peer group brought about mentors and friendships that will help me move forward to my goals."

Marketing and Communications Director, POWER Engineers

"I have been uniquely challenged and Inspired. I am better CEO as a result of this class. Thank you for equipping me to become a forward thinking leader."

CEO, Global Dynamics LLC

"Often we as leaders have found our way to our positions through trial and error mixed with passion and energy to always be better. Because of that, we may lack the internal confidence in our deepest set beliefs and have doubt in our abilities at times. This course helped me to solidify what I already intuitively knew was right, understand the importance of my impact and learn new tools and knowledge to go even further. Beyond that, I now have a wonderful network of humans to keep me accountable which no amount of private studying could ever provide you."

Managing Director, Iris Worldwide

"What I love most about the program was the clarity of thoughts and communication of the 'Why' of the concepts taught. Too often, courses like these are about tools but implementation post-programme is often not sustainable because participants don't understand the 'Why'."

Managing Director, Cinalt Resources Limited

"I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested to strengthen leadership capabilities for self or a group. The program combines an excellent mix of professors, real-world speakers, theoretical and empirical knowledge along with a highly diverse, global student body to deliver a rich, powerful learning experience, including readings and interactive group work, that has the potential to last a lifetime."

Sr. Director Sustainability, Genentech