11 26 /innovative/organization
11 33 /venture-capital/executive
11 34 /programs/open-innovation
11 281 /programs/product-management
11 670 /programs/digital-transformation-strategy
11 771 /programs/product-management-studio
12 1 /executive/leadership
12 23 /programs/high-impact-leadership
12 28 /programs/women-executive
12 29 /programs/new-manager
12 395 /communications/excellence
12 773 /programs/advanced-executive-presence
12 804 /programs/leading-strategy-execution-through-culture
13 25 /strategy/competitive
13 33 /venture-capital/executive
13 40 /programs/negotiation-and-influence
13 281 /programs/product-management
13 647 /programs/executive-decision-making
13 670 /programs/digital-transformation-strategy
13 771 /programs/product-management-studio
340 25 /strategy/competitive
340 33 /venture-capital/executive
340 34 /programs/open-innovation
340 296 /pricing/profitability
340 666 /programs/financial-analysis-leaders
341 806 /programs/berkeley-program-data-science-analytics

"If you want to be challenged by colleagues from the industry and dare to bring yourself to the next level of knowledge and skills, I found Berkeley the place to be! The amount of strategic and practical new insights was mind-boggling. The data-driven approach to product in combination with the qualitative techniques has helped me a lot in bringing my applicable knowledge to the next level"

Interim Executive and NED, VGRIP

"Yes, it did, I am very proud that I attended such a successful program at UC Berkeley Executive Education. And I am excited at the thought of what I can achieve at my work after attending this excellent program.
It was a gratifying honor to attend with Dr. Mark Rittenberg, Doy Charnsupharindr, Susan Houlihan and Ariela Morgenstern who contributed to the success of the program. This is an excellent program to help you through your journey to becoming a true leader."

Director at the Office of VP for Management & Transformation, The American University in Cairo

"If your goal is to truly become an authentic leader this course is mandatory. I was well aware of the program goals -- to "establish your voice, presence, and abilities as a communicator" but I underestimated the power of internalizing the how."

CEO, Concentric Advisors TX

"The highlight was my newfound appreciation for the power of authenticity in leadership, and the framework with which to uncover the aspects of my values, strengths, and vulnerabilities that can be called into service."

Chief Marketing Officer, Ready State

"Look no further. UC Berkeley Executive Education has all the offerings that you need whether you are an executive in the field or on your way to becom(ing) one. The courses are magically structured with these needs in mind."

Professor of Radiology, UC Davis Health and Associate Chair, UC Davis School of Medicine

"This program will give you the breadth and depth to raise your understanding of product development and give you the skill set to lead strategic initiatives."

Senior Director, Blue Apron

"A must for leaders who are striving to build strong relationships with their teams."

Vice President of Engineering Services, ServiceMax from GE Digital

"The skills you learn in this course will improve your abilities to interact with the world for the rest of your life."

Senior Engineering Manager, Salesforce

"The program exceeded my expectations as, while it was challenging for somebody not from an investment background, it was structured in the way that enabled great learning across many relevant topics. Definitely do it - the course is brilliant and the contacts and networks are even better!"

Investment Director of North America, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
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