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Demian Pouzo

Associate Professor, UC Berkeley Economics

headshot of Demian Pouzo

Demian Pouzo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at UC Berkeley. Demian employs tools from econometrics and statistics to make contributions in econometric theory and other fields such as economic theory and macroeconomics.

Economic models are, out of necessity, highly stylized frameworks to understand complex environments. Most economists recognize that the simplifying assumptions on which these models are based are often wrong. Nevertheless, the standard approach in economics is to assume that the economic agents (inside the models) and even researchers themselves (outside the models) have a correctly specified view of their environment. The main motivating idea underlying Demian’s work is to acknowledge the possibility of model misspecification in economics and to study its causes and consequences.

Demian holds a Ph.D. in Economics from NYU and has taught several Ph.D. courses in Econometrics and Macroeconomics as well as undergraduate and MA-level courses in econometrics and policy evaluation.