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"This course exceeded my expectations. The practical application of the program was immediate. I delivered my best Town hall just two week after the course by focusing on learnings from the class."

Head of Growth, Salesforce
Head of Growth, Salesforce

"The focus on authenticity, vulnerability, and building genuine human connections is absolutely unparalleled in other courses of this nature. Kudos to the faculty for designing a course in line with where the modern workplace is headed!"

Principal Engineer, Salesforce
Principal Engineer, Salesforce

"This is one of the best things that has ever happened to me...I always used to wonder how to engage an audience and this program taught me that."

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce
Senior Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce

"I discovered the Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE) program while attending my first Berkeley Executive Education program. I've considered executive MBA programs including Berkeley's, but I thought the COBE offerings met my requirements and allowed me to be systematic and focus on select skills. Though I've completed the COBE, there remain programs that interest me, so I plan to return."

Senior Director of Strategic Product Management, Dexcom

"If you want to find out how the Bay Area works in just five days, you need to take this class."

Director Mobility & Automotive, Deutsche Bahn AG

"I have been following blockchain and Bitcoin for several years and I have never had it presented in such a holistic way."

Premier Success Manager, Salesforce

Berkeley Executive Education met and exceeded my expectations by challenging my thought process, the speed of execution, and leadership. I went back after the class and had a leadership off-site and challenged my team on how we can execute faster, improve results, and implement innovation quicker. Over the past three weeks, we have aligned our resources in the right areas and improved our productivity by 10 plus percent. We will be implementing a few more key changes in the near future.

General Manager of West Coast Operations
General Manager of West Coast Operations

"The BPDSA was the only one (program) which offered an executive approach to Data Science, from building the team, profiling, tolling and structuring it to finding solutions in the market and proposing and tracking projects making sure the desired results not only are achievable but made sense. The BPDSA mixed a good portion of the needed theoretical/math skils with very practical real cases. It also brings some industry insight from data science applications in the real business world. Data Science is very challenging as the projects would vary depending on bus. needs and resources available, the program gives us a solid base for us to build our skills and competencies needed in the DS world."

Lab Service Leader, IBM Systems

"The program exceeded my expectations and reminded me of how much I appreciate Haas and the outstanding work they are doing. This is a must take class that is applicable to corporate, civic and non-profit leaders."

Vice Mayor, City of Burlingame
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