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How to Choose Executive Development Programs

pic of Berkeley Haas and Campanile Tower

What is an Executive Development Program?

What is an executive development program? An executive development program is a type of program that is designed to broaden the business and leadership skills of executives and business leaders. Unlike an MBA program, an executive development program is shorter in duration, lasting several days to months. Additionally, an executive development program does not result in a degree upon completion. The primary goal of an executive education program is to serve as a source of advanced education for professionals that are in leadership positions - allowing them to bolster their knowledge on specific, executive-relevant topics and stay up to date on all of the fast-moving developments that take place in today’s dynamic business world. 

Executive education programs also provide an opportunity for enrolled managers and business leaders to meet and interact with their industry peers, network, and exchange ideas. An executive development program is led by an expert instructor, but courses often incorporate small group discussions as well in order to facilitate debate and the exchange of ideas amongst students. Courses may also include one-on-one coaching sessions with the program leaders, role-playing exercises, and case studies.

How to Choose the Right Executive Leadership Development Program

When choosing an executive leadership development program, it’s important to consider several variables. How much time do you have available to devote to the program? Some courses run for as long as 18 months, while others may take place over several days. What are the specific skills you’re interested in learning? What are the areas of study where you’re looking to increase your depth of knowledge? What types of courses will have the greatest impact on your professional growth? Once you’ve established what you’d like to get out of a program, it’s a good idea to compare available programs and institutions in order to find the best fit.

Berkeley Executive Development Programs

Berkeley Haas is the second oldest business school in the United States. Our executive education offerings include over 150 courses - and our programs have been attended by over 4,000 professionals hailing from over 40 countries. Located in Silicon Valley, Berkeley draws on current industry best practices and the research of our distinguished faculty to shape our executive education programs. We’re sensitive to our participants’ need for flexibility and have developed a variety of education formats. Courses range in length from 3-5 days or multiple months in length. We offer in-person courses that can be attended locally as well as online options. Additionally, some courses utilize a hybrid model that combines learning both inside and outside of the classroom. 

How to Enroll

Our open enrollment executive development programs are primarily attended by business professionals that hold mid- to senior-level positions in their organizations. If you’d like to enroll in one of our courses, please review the options below and find the course that best fits your goals. You can then easily complete the enrollment process by clicking the "enroll" button, creating your account, and paying for your program. With a robust course list spanning topics in tech, innovation, finance, strategy, management, communication and leadership, our executive education program will help you grow your knowledge base and your network.

Leadership & Communication

Are you ready to take the next step as a leader in your organization? Learn how to be a more engaging, persuasive speaker and develop your unique leadership presence.

Strategy & Management

Deepen your understanding of how data science and business analytics can be used to help shape business decisions. Learn how to build a high-performance, strategy-based culture and become a transformational leader.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation:

Whether bringing a new product to market or implementing new business practices within your organization, the innovation process comes with unique challenges and opportunities. Explore new innovation strategies, learn how to identify key innovation opportunities, and become well-versed in overcoming roadblocks and resistance to change.

Finance and Business Acumen:

Understanding the basics of finance is vitally important for anyone in a position of leadership.  Being able to perform critical analysis of financial statements allows you to assess the success of company initiatives and have a clear view of what is positively and negatively impacting business performance. Expand your financial knowledge.

Have additional questions about any of our in-person executive development programs? Contact us and we'd be happy to help.